About us

Agency for Regional Development (ARD) “Habitat” is a non-profit Public Association, founded on the 18th of December, 2001, specialized in providing public services for sustainable development of rural areas of the Nistru river basin area.

ARD “Habitat” collaborates with the public authorities, companies and NGOs in Moldova and abroad.

ARD “Habitat” is the member of:

  • Anticorruption Alliance;
  • Alliance of Community Centers for Information Access and Training “INFONET”, from Republic of Moldova;
  • International Environmental Association of River Keepers “Eco Tiras”
  • Development Council of Central Region
  • Coalition for Rural Economic Development

ARD “Habitat” implements projects and perform activities supported by members and beneficiaries, seeking to identify problems specific to rural area and how to maximize the opportunities offered by collaborative relationships with other organizations in the country and abroad.

  • ARD “Habitat” is the organization who accepts the challenge of success.
  • ADR Habitat offers maximum benefits for clients, volunteers and partners.
  • ARD “Habitat” offers immediate access to necessary information for beneficiaries through the Internet.
  • ARD “Habitat” offers advice on issues related to sustainable development (environmental, social and small and medium enterprises);
  • ARD “Habitat” offers innovative solutions that can facilitate the activity of some entrepreneurs or for those who want to establish a business: the use of computer courses and foreign languages courses, internet business opportunities, training, consulting, management and marketing (rural tourism, social tourism, ecotourism, sustainable and ecological agriculture).

ARD “Habitat” staff attended various training programs and project management:

  • local development policies and regional development;
  • EU development programs applicable to Moldova, regional, commercial and social marketing;
  • public relations and communication, NGOs management, management of tourism activities in rural space;
  • business management;
  • total quality management;
  • building democratic communities, advocacy and lobby;
  • strategic planning and corporate strategy;
  • project management;
  • leadership