Activity Report for 2014

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed, citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead, anthropologist, 1901-1978

Agency for Regional Development (ARD) „Habitat” is a non-profit Public Association, founded on the 18th of December, 2001, specialized in providing public services for sustainable development of rural areas of the Nistru river basin area.

The budget for 2014 was 574 163 MDL, of which 5800 MDL are generated from the services rendered by the organization, and 568 363 MDL constituted the total budget of financial projects implemented with the support of donors.

I. ARD “Habitat” vision, mission, goals and values

Vision: ARD “HABITAT” aspires to a state, which protects life, property and freedoms of all, that provides a decent living, a competitive economy, a clean and healthy environment, a community of information, knowledge and awareness.


General objectives:

1. To contribute to the the participatory democracy consolidation, to prevent and combat corruption in Republic of Moldova.

2. To contribute to the development of small and medium enterprises, of rural tourism, agrotourism, ecotourism, sustainable tourism, to the creation and diversification of the opportunities to empower women and youth in the localities from rural areas.

3. To contribute to the development of human resources skills through continuous training, reinforcement and affirmation of the Paradigm of Information, Knowledge and Consciousness.

4. To contribute to the integrated sustainable development of rural areas, and the promotion of green economy and technologies by implementing projects, organizing advocacy campaigns and lobbying.

5. To contribute to the promotion of the standards and the idea of Moldova’s integration in the European Union.


-          Commitment and synergy for the mission’s accomplishment;

-          Performance orientation;

-          Respect for diversity;

-          Quality, creativity, innovation, diversity, perseverance, consecutiveness, competence and transparency in action;

-          High organizational culture;

-          Equity, opportunities to work in a team and support for each organization’s member.

From the organization’s experience in writing and implementing projects

with non-reimbursable funding:

I. Implemented projects as applicant

1. The project “The Orhei region – GATA (Governance, Anticorruption, Transparency and Attitude)”, implemented between 01.10.2013 – 07.01.2014, with the support of East European Foundation.

Total project budget – 5346 USD, inclusively 4500 USD, the support of East European Foundation.

Project goal: Increase the involvement level of NGOs, media, taxpayers and the citizens of Rezina, Orhei, Telenesti and Şoldăneşti districts in preventing and combating corruption, in promoting transparency and accountability of the local elected officials for a good governance at the district and local levels.


  1. 1. Four public cafés, organized in Orhei, Rezina, Soldanesti and Telenesti districts, with the participation of representatives of the district public authorities, mayors, secretaries of local councils, NGO leaders, entrepreneurs, representatives of CNA and Transparency International – Moldova.
  2. The developed public policy “Increasing Transparency and Integrity in Public Administration – preventing and combating corruption at local government level, based on GATA (Governance, Anticorruption, Transparency and Attitude)”;
  3. Developed the regulation “Evaluate a Counselor”, a civic action contest. The project proposal was sent to the Parliament and Government of RM, CNA, CNI and district councils of Rezina, Orhei, Şoldăneşti and Teleneşti districts.
  4. 750 posters distributed to municipalities, NGOs and their placement in public places;
  5. 3 articles published in regional weekly newspaper “Cuvantul” with number of 5000 copies, which is distributed in Orhei, Rezina, Telenesti and Şoldăneşti districts;
  6. 4 television programs produced at “Impuls” TV from Şoldăneşti;
  7. Information posted about the project on Web Pages:

Additional postings:

  1. Free legal Counseling for 30 persons, who were confronted with corruption cases compared to 10 persons, as provided by the project.
  2. Project Evaluation Roundtable, organized.

Direct beneficiaries of the project:

  • About 296 000 people, the population of the localities from Rezina, Orhei, Telenesti and Soldănesti districts;
  • Local Public Authorities from Rezina, Orhei, Teleneşti and Şoldăneşti districts;
  • The business environment from Rezina, Orhei, Teleneşti and Şoldăneşti districts;
  • NGO-s from Rezina, Orhei, Teleneşti and Şoldăneşti districts;

2. The project: Concerning the organizational viability of PA ARD “Habitat”, implemented between 01.12.2013 – 31.12.2014,  funded by SECTOR REC.

Total project budget – 26,658.7 Euro, including 7,989.26 Euro – SECTOR support and 18,669.44 Euro – organization contribution.

Project goal: Strengthening the capacities of PA ARD “Habitat”, in order to ensure its viability, competitiveness, extension of services and products for niche segments, for a sustainable development of communities on both sides of the Nistru River, on the segment Jabca – Tapova.


1. An enhanced level of strategic leadership of PA ARD “Habitat” on policy formulation, public relations, lobby and monitoring.

2. Structure of PA ARD “Habitat” adjusted to the new strategic plan, according to the organization’s development needs and demands from niche segments.

3. High degree of responsibility of the board members to achieve the vision, mission and strategic objectives of the PA ARD “Habitat”.

4. High level of the Administrative Board involvement in attracting funds.

5. Sustainable functioning of PA ARD “Habitat” provided with maximum efficiency by implementing strategies / development plans, identifying financial and technological opportunities, human resource commitment required to maintain team performance, achieving the mission and strategic directions. i direcțiilor strategiceborareamd  a AO ADR ””

6. Improved principles of PA ARD “Habitat” organizational management and evaluation.

7. Improved PA ARD “Habitat” management principles in solving problems and internal decisions making.

8. PA ARD “Habitat” upgraded with modern equipment, necessary to provide competitive products and services for niche segments.

9. Extended ranges of services on niche segments of PA ARD “Habitat”.

3. The project: „We are the same”, implemented during 01.05.2014 – 31.12.2016, funded by East European Foundation.

Total project budget – 36,254.00 USD, including 26,714.00 USD – East European Foundation, 5,534.00 USD – Rezina District Council contribution, 4,006.00 USD – PA ARD „Habitat” contribution.

Project goal: Development of the social economy in Rezina and inclusion of about 40%  of people with disabilities, 30% of vulnerable people who are available to work and to engage on the labor market by the end of 2020.

Objectives: Given that the purpose of the project is long-term, ensuring the continuity of the undertaken initiatives, the specific objectives for the project scheduled duration are:

i)                    Creation and officialization of social economy incubator from Rezina town.

ii)                  Promoting the social economy by attracting different actors and stakeholders interested in social business.

iii)                Launching and developing the social business: crafts workshop and laundry facilities.

II. Contracts from auctioning

Services related to the creation of a support structure for citizens, related to the inter-district system waste management in Soldanesti, Floresti and Rezina districts, funded by the German Agency for International Cooperation GIZ. Information campaign period: 01.12.2013-31.12.2014

Total campaign budget – 667,920.00 MDL

The results of the campaign / mission:

1. Sensitizing campaign products developed and distributed:

1.1. Posters A3 – 400 copies;

1.2. Leaflets A4 “Information about the project” – 25 000 copies;

1.3. Leaflets A4 “Solid waste collection methodology” – 23 000 copies;

1.4. Poster A3 “Drawing contest” – 50 copies;

1.5. Information panel – 40 pieces;

1.6. T-Shirts with logo  – 100 pieces;

1.7. Canvas bag with logo – 500 pieces;

1.8. Web Banner regarding MIDS elaborated;

1.9. Banner „For health and a cleaner environment collect waste separately!”

2. Social mini-theater scenario “SOLID WASTE – A SERIOUS ENVIRONMENT PROBLEM” developed.

3. Press conference of the Awareness Campaign launched.

4. 70 thematic lessons held in schools, including: 35 – presentation of promotional materials and 35 – debates with students.

5. 35 public meetings regarding the pilot project, organized and held.

6. Drawing contest dedicated to Integrated Solid Waste Management organized and carried out.

7. 35 local meetings, with the creation of Local Citizens Committees (LCC), organized and conducted.

8. Organized and conducted workshops on the role of LCC-s activity; regarding strengthening the capacities of LCC-s on the methods of citizens involvement and awareness.

9. Organized public event on launching the implementation service: waste collection from the platforms and transportation of the containers.

10. Advertising materials regarding the development of campaign placed on: