Livestock sector problems – targeted by the public opinion from Soldanesti district

The animals immunization, sanitary veterinary services and local government roles in development of the livestock sector, providing qualitative agro-food products to the consumers were issues that were discussed during a roundtable organized in Şoldăneşti at 26 February, 2013. The event took place at the initiative of the Public Association: The Agency for Regional Development (ARD) and the weekly regional newspaper “Cuvantul” within the public awareness campaign on the issue of efficient use of public funds intended for the protection and monitoring services, prevention and treatment of animal diseases, and to support the local livestock sector in order to provide qualitative and cheap food products to people.

The meeting was attended by representatives of regional public authorities, Sanitary-Veterinary and animal safety Department, mayors, free practice veterinarians. Within discussion were mentioned several obstacles that hinders the development of the agro-food and business sectors in this area, and the supply with qualitative and cheap food products to customers. The speakers came with several suggestions, ideas on solving existing problems, stating the fact that they are not heard by the specialized central public authorities. Particular focus was on developing not only the livestock sector, but also other complementary economic directions of this sector and agriculture as a whole. The localities mayors, present at the event mentioned also the villages depopulation process, invoking the massive migration of youth to other countries in search of better paid jobs in order to arrange their life and ensure a better life for young children and retired parents.

At the round table from Şoldăneşti were discussed also other issues faced by the villages. Most participants have referred to economic, social problems, the health care of citizens, which get infected from diseased animals or by the consumption of animal products. The proposals and notifications of the roundtable participants were reflected in a request, submitted by the event organizers to the Government and Parliament.

The roundtable participants suggested the organization of a meeting with the representatives of the Government, the R.M. Parliament and other central authorities representatives responsible for this area. In this context ARD “Habitat” is planning to organize a regional forum to discuss relevant issues and will come up with the initiative that the issues referring to the animal immunization, the role of Sanitary Veterinary Services and of the local public authorities in the development of the livestock sector, providing qualitative agro-food products to the consumers, to be introduced on the public agenda of district councils of Şoldăneşti and Rezina, also on the agenda of the local councils of public authorities of the first level.

The event was made possible by the financial support of the United Nations Democracy Support Fund (UNDEF) of the project “Transparency and responsibility through joint activities of  “watchdog” and „advocacy” type, between mass-media and civil society in Moldova”, conducted by the Centre “Contact” and the Agency for Regional Development Centre (Orhei).