Mediation and its role in overcoming labor disputes…

Mediation and its role in overcoming labor disputes, in unemployment  prevention and reduction

The Public Association, the Agency for Regional Development “Habitat” from Rezina on 1st of July 2012, launched the project “Mediation – an efficient resolution of labor disputes, responsibility in preventing and reducing unemployment”. The project will be implemented in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moldova, Orhei branch office, the Public Association “Concordia” Telenesti district, the Center for Mediation, negotiation and facilities conciliation in Moldova, the Labour Inspectorate, the National Confederation of Trade Unions, the Unions Federation of Building and Construction Materials “SINDICONS”, the National Confederation of Employers from Republic of Moldova, with the financial support of Embassy of Netherlands in Ukraine and Moldova.

At the round table, dedicated to the event, participated: Marcel Burlacu, mediator, the president of the Center of Mediation, negotiation and facilities conciliation in R. of Moldova, Victor Talmaci, the president of the Unions Federation of Building and Construction Materials SINDICONS”, Tudor Rusu, safety and work sanitation specialist at the same federation,  Vasile Gajiu, inspector at the Labour Inspectorate Orhei, Galina Rotaru, the head of the Employment Agency from Rezina, Eugeniu Postu, the head of the Economic Department, of Rezina District Council etc.

Project goal: The creation of a simple and affordable service of mediation of labor disputes and the implementation of an adequate and sustainable mechanism of operation of this service on the labor market of Republic of Moldova.

Project objectives:

  • Adjusting the legal framework in accordance with the international standards in order to ensure the labor disputes mediation and labor mediation in Republic of Moldova, through the development and promotion in the  Parliament of Rep. of Moldova of changes/ amendments to the Labor Code, during the project implementation.
  • Promotion and formation of positive practices, regarding the procedures of labour disputes mediation, initially in districts: Rezina, Teleneşti, Orhei and Chişinău city, during the project implementation.
  • Contributing to reduction of unemployment and poverty in Republic of Moldova, through awareness and motivation of the parties involved in conflict, to appeal to labour disputes mediation services, to develop business in rural areas, during the project implementation.

Project target groups:

  • employees from localities targeted by the project;
  • unemployed, especially unemployed women from the  localities targeted by the project;
  • business community as employers of labour force from the localities targeted by the project.

Project’s beneficiaries:

  • the employees from the labour market of  Republic of Moldova;
  • unemployed, especially the unemployed women from the labor market of  Republic of Moldova;
  • business community, as employers of labor force from the labor market of Republic of Moldova;
  • the general public from Republic of Moldova – informed and aware of the utility of labor mediation services solving the labor disputes, through mass-media.

The meeting participants noticed the actuality of the project. According to Mr. Marcel Burlacu, Victor Talmaci, Vasile Gagiu etc. the labour market from R. of Moldova is filled with various conflicts and a well developed mediation process would bring many benefits to all parties, would improve the business climate, labour relationships and human rights respect.

The participants showed their willingness to get involved fully in the implementation of project goals and objectives.

We express the most sincere thanks and gratitude to Netherlands Embassy in Ukraine and Moldova for their support and effective cooperation in the framework of the MATRA KAP Program, with whose support is implemented this project.

Valeriu Rusu,  executive director of ARD “Habitat”,  project director