Ceramic Art Course

We are able to create in only one way: driven by passion, burned by desire and encouraged by desire to last.

Arta ceramicii One area in which it was wholly manifested the decorative art, is one of goldsmiths’ornaments and objects of great utility: parade armor, cult pots,etc.

When we speak of Geto-Dacian art, we must also refer to the Geto-Dacian ceramics.Ceramics have the capacity to be a direct historical source. More than a century, Grigore Tocilescu saidArta ceramicii:

Nothing like ceramics facilitates to track through centuries the intelligence’s progressive rising of a society, a nation and human application in artistic things.

Arta ceramiciiJobs, art and community development in a piece of clay, here are the opportunities, offered by the course „Ceramic Art”, organized by ARD „Habitat”, for those who love beauty and have the ambition to make this world more beautiful.