About us

The PA Agency for Regional Development „Habitat” is a non-profit Public Association,
established in 2001, being specialized in implementing projects focused on the sustainable
development of the localities mainly from the rural region from the Dniester River bank, but
not only, as well as projects aiming the consolidation of the civil society engagement in
decision-making process.
Thus, PA ARD “Habitat” is involved in implementing activities targeting social development of
rural region, women and youth empowerment, ensuring a clean and healthy environment.
In this context, among the main objectives of the PA ARD “Habitat” are:
– to contribute to sustainable development of the rural communities by strengthening
participatory democracy, small and medium enterprises development, as well as tourism
development (agroturism, ecotourism, sustainable tourism);
– to contribute to the consolidation of the civil society capacity to monitor the decision-making
process, through continuous professional trainings;
PA ARD “Habitat” had implemented more than 100 projects (18 out of which on the left
bank of the Dniester River)
Key partners: Public Authorities, economical agents and non-governmental agencies from
Republic of Moldova and outside the country.
Among most frequent donors/funding sources are: GIZ, PASSOS, Polish Aid.