The Moldavian village – organization of agrotouristic activities


The realization of the project ,,The Moldavian village – organization of agrotouristic activities ” in partnership with the Technical Scientific Society of Engineers and Technicians in Agriculture (SITR) from Poland and the Alliance of Community Centres for Access to Information and Training „INFONET” from Republic of Moldova is a synergetic and efficient effort for rural development.

In case of the concerned project is about the whole space of the Republic of Moldova, because the project had a positive impact on a very wide circle of indirect beneficiaries, providing an ambitious informational logistics with a great depth, using the technology of the information offered by Internet and Television, and involvement project activities implementation of the project direct beneficiaries, potential providers of travel services in Moldavian villages in all country regions.

Through tourism sustainable development we are pursuing the following aspects:

  • preservation of natural and human resources for their continuous use in the future;
  • increasing the living standards of local communities;
  • a better knowledge and awareness of the local population and visitors of the idea of preservation and consolidation of the touristic capital.

Through the project ,,Moldavian village – agrotourism activities organization ” was managed that the beneficiaries enhance their knowledge and skills in the areas of planning and sustainable use of tourism potential, namely:

  • economically, by increasing the degree of exploitation and sustainable valorisation of resources;
  • ecologically, avoiding the environment degradation;
  • socially, by increasing the employment, practicing traditional professions, attracting the population in the tourism practices as a measure of its physical and psychical regeneration.

The development and promotion of tourism activities at the level of Moldavian rural, must consider the existence of several favouring factors, such as:

  • a rich touristic, anthropogenic and natural potential, still unexploited;
  • the existence of some communication roads, which require urgent modernization and development;
  • Moldavian rural landscape uniqueness;
  • the attraction exerted by the wine industry;
  • cultural manifestations and gastronomic traditions with national resonance also outside the country;

In order that Moldavian rural space to become a competitive touristic destination the following objectives must be pursued:

  • Development of tourism activities by increasing the quality of touristic services in order to attract more visitors and tourists;
  • Developing the touristic potential, insufficiently explored;
  • Development of sustainable local touristic initiatives;
  • Improving the environmental conditions in touristic areas;
  • Upgrading the image of rural touristic areas with equipment, facilities and engineering systems to ensure the visitors and tourists comfort;
  • Development and modernization of the transport infrastructure to all destinations;
  • Highlighting the natural and anthropogenic heritage through specific actions;
  • Promoting the tourism in rural areas for leisure, health and sport, using organic products offered by ecological agriculture.

The implementation of this project contributed to the discovery of the fascinating world of tourism activities and the complementary ones by the direct and indirect beneficiaries, in the enhancement of the quality of life of rural people by providing excellent products and services to visitors and tourists.

We express the greatest gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, to project partners for their support and efficient cooperation in carrying out the project activities, as well to the travel services providers from Poland, which ensured the highest warmth and comfort of our  and beneficiaries accommodation during the study visit.

The total project cost is of 75.000 Euro.